Peter Watson was born into a family where the rhythm of the seasons
dictated the cycle of life - making jam, bottling sauce, preserving fruits
and vegetables in season. It continues to this day.

Retail Hours for store at 23 Robert Street, Collingwood 3066

Telephone 03 94170209 email

Monday to Thursday  8 am to 4 pm

Friday 8 am to 2 pm



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  1. Char Siu is a marinade that is used specifically for Pork. I have tried it on other meats, lamb is good. The cuts used most are the belly and the eye fillet. In the case of the belly, the skin is removed and the belly is cut into strips about 2.5 cm wide and the […]
  2. Bakers Baking I am obsessed, so many things, so much to do and the days fly by. I am reminded again that one of my more developed obsessions is with bread and baking in general. I blame Iris Edna for this, she made me love bread far too much. The king of the bakers in […]
  3. We have just seen the absolute destruction that can happen with almost no warning, one minute sitting with family, the next fighting for your life in a swirling whirlpool of stones, bodies and debri. And then all around you is death and destruction, not even any way to get food. Happens in an instant, I […]