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Antique Nagaland Pieces

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Very rare Naga Tribal Jewellery

Ancient tribal mens item from the naga tribes of western India and Burma... very old and rare item

$1.470.00 Ex Tax: $1.470.00

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Original Tribal Naga TwistedBeads

These fabulous beeds are much sort after by the fashion world. Particularly oin this vibrant red

$2.586.00 Ex Tax: $2.586.00

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Green Twisted Naga Beeds

Again very rare and very old beeds from the Naga on Burma, Green was a colour of fertility, Very beautiful

$2.386.00 Ex Tax: $2.386.00

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Naga Land Bone Beads Coloured

$1.600.00 Ex Tax: $1.600.00

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Red Blue 4 strand Beads

Mens tribal beads from one of thge many tribes of head hunters that lived in Burma Indian border

$977.00 Ex Tax: $977.00

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Multi Coloured Naga Beads

A beautiful item of multi strands from the Burma region of NagaLand

$1.077.00 Ex Tax: $1.077.00

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Multi Colour Naga beads

An important piece and one that is never found thgese days, a very good collectors item

$1.397.00 Ex Tax: $1.397.00

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17 strand Antique Naga Beads

Important piece worn by the cheif at ceremonial occasions

$1.850.00 Ex Tax: $1.850.00

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11 strand Naga Beads

$1.350.00 Ex Tax: $1.350.00

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Rose Carnelian & Bronze hand made trumpets

Exquisite jewellery made from large aemi precious stones and hand forgeed bronze tribal pieces

$950.00 Ex Tax: $950.00

- +
Hand Cut true Lapiz Beads

A glorious example of true hqnd cut lapiz, not made from powder stone.

$1.470.00 Ex Tax: $1.470.00

- +
Tribal Chiefs neck piece

Rare item from the tribal area of the Nagas, now non existant

$1.250.00 Ex Tax: $1.250.00

- +
Bronze Trumpet and bead trumpet

An unusual item from the ancient nagaland headhunter area

$1.500.00 Ex Tax: $1.500.00

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Nagaland Head Hunters Trophy 5 head

Bronze heads that are worn by the headhunter to show the numnber of heads taken. Very rare genuine pieces

$4.000.00 Ex Tax: $4.000.00

- +
3 piece Nagaland head hunters trophy

Very rare item, genuine not reproduction, hard to get

$3.000.00 Ex Tax: $3.000.00

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