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Peter Watson was born into a family where food, design and style played a large part.
Peter embraced lifestyle, became an Interior Designer, Textile 
Designer, Collector of beautiful things, then a collector of anything
food related. A love of food and fine wine drove him to open a
restaurant, then to commence food manufacturing. see
Ultimately the collections became too much and needed culling.
Hence this site.

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Peter Watson Vintage
  • Cook Books
    23 September 2019
    A relative did a massive cleanse and clearance of years of accumulated … well crap. Much of it was showered on my household and then took a trip to its final resting place. However, from the cascade of years of detritions, a few things were...
  • Wilma is a fine woman – now
    18 September 2019
    I cannot make sense of the world unless I cook. The world turns into a strange and useless place when cooking is not there. Wilma is helping, she’s ripper, Wilma is a stylish woman, maybe over fifty, bit stocky and quite expansive, but the...
    12 September 2019
    Ancient beads and bone. Since the beginning of time man has sort to adorn his body, The women too, but not anywhere as gaudy. Men and women would use clay to mark intricate designs on their body, then plants were discovered to give off juices that...