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Antique Naga Beads

From the Nagaland Tribes of west India and Burma border, these beeds would vary in age from 600 years to 100 years.

They were worn by the men of the tribe


$2.677.00 Ex Tax: $2.677.00

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Very rare Naga Tribal Jewellery

Ancient tribal mens item from the naga tribes of western India and Burma... very old and rare item

$2.470.00 Ex Tax: $2.470.00

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Original Tribal Naga TwistedBeads

These fabulous beeds are much sort after by the fashion world. Particularly oin this vibrant red

$2.586.00 Ex Tax: $2.586.00

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Green Twisted Naga Beeds

Again very rare and very old beeds from the Naga on Burma, Green was a colour of fertility, Very beautiful

$2.386.00 Ex Tax: $2.386.00

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Naga Land Bone Beads Coloured

$2.600.00 Ex Tax: $2.600.00

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Red Blue 4 strand Beads

Mens tribal beads from one of thge many tribes of head hunters that lived in Burma Indian border

$1.977.00 Ex Tax: $1.977.00

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Multi Coloured Naga Beads

A beautiful item of multi strands from the Burma region of NagaLand

$2.077.00 Ex Tax: $2.077.00

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Multi Colour Naga beads

An important piece and one that is never found thgese days, a very good collectors item

$2.397.00 Ex Tax: $2.397.00

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17 strand Antique Naga Beads

Important piece worn by the cheif at ceremonial occasions. From the Konyak region.

$3.850.00 Ex Tax: $3.850.00

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11 strand Naga Beads

$3.350.00 Ex Tax: $3.350.00

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Rose Carnelian & Bronze hand made trumpets

Exquisite jewellery made from large aemi precious stones and hand forgeed bronze tribal pieces

$1.950.00 Ex Tax: $1.950.00

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Hand Cut true Lapiz Beads

A glorious example of true hqnd cut lapiz, not made from powder stone.

$2.470.00 Ex Tax: $2.470.00

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Tribal Chiefs neck piece

Rare item from the tribal area of the Nagas, now non existant

$2.250.00 Ex Tax: $2.250.00

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Rock Crystal & Ebony Art Nouveau piece

from the era of the flapper, a stunning simple but exquisite piece

$1.800.00 Ex Tax: $1.800.00

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Bronze Trumpet and bead trumpet

An unusual item from the ancient nagaland headhunter area

$2.500.00 Ex Tax: $2.500.00

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